Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 6: Karli Dies, Sharon is the Power Broker

 The Finale Episode of Season 1 of Falcon and Winter Soldier plainly does whatever we expected from it. 

  • Awesome Tech-savvy Falcon and Captain America Inspired Costume made by Wakanda was worn by Sam Wilson, the new Captain America.
  • Bucky Barnes amending relations with the people he has written in his list and being the best version of himself.
  • Sharon Carter is the Power Broker. 
  • John Wilson became a US Agent, the connections were pulled by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Val). The suit he is wearing closely resembles the Hydra Suit.
  • Isaiah Bradley finally gets happy after seeing his Statue and his mention in the Hall of Fame of Captain America.
  • Karli, the Flag-Smashers Leader gets killed by Sharon.
  • Zemo gets the last laugh when his butler kills the remaining Flag- Smashers members.

What happened?

The Story starts with Flag Smashers taking over the GRC meeting in New York. We see Sam Wilson’s kickass entry in the awesome Falcon and Captain America in stars, stripes and wings suit with the Shield. Sharon and Bucky Barnes try to stop flag smashers with John Walker making a vengeful entrance against Karli. Although, between the fight, John realizes he’s been clouded by revenge and comes back as a sane soldier.

Sam, Bucky and John rescue the Senators kidnapped by Flag-Smashers. Karli and Georges Batroc fight with the lot before getting disappeared into the Tunnel. Now, we see the masks coming off with Sharon being the Power Broker who selected Karli by giving her the super-soldier serum to conquer the world but instead Karli choose to change the world. 

Sharon shoots Georges Batroc, who came for the assist of Karli after her command and in return, Karli shoots Sharon. Sam arrives and tries to talk to Karli but instead, she starts fighting Sam who is only defending himself. Finally, Karli puts him at gunpoint, seeing this as an opportunity to shush her secret Sharon kills Karli.

On other hand, Bucky and John capture the remaining Flag Smashers members with their app. They are captured and put in the van which is later exploded by Zemo’s Butler. So, Zemo got the last one of them, we see him feeling satisfied with himself in the Raft, the isolated prion.

Sam brings dead Karli on the streets and talks sense into the Senators and asking people/refugees to not be moved or else, more Karli will come to fight them. 

Why did Sharon become Power Broker?

She of all people were closed to Captain America, she fought for good and just. But after seeing Cap didn’t care for her and went back in time to get his forever and after, something might have broken her. She is now the most powerful being in Madripoor who cares about conquering the world. 

Maybe after coming from Blip, something went amiss and she decided to go on the wrong side. We need to know more about her story and how she remained so stealth without raising suspicions from falcon and Winter Soldier. She might have saved their backs in the series but in reality, she was saving her golden egg giving gooses.

She now has been pardoned and given her old job as a S.H.I.E.L.D officer. On the contrary, she now has moved on from selling super-soldier serums to selling government policies, secrets and more. 

Expectations not Satisfied

It was a happy ending for all, which is oddly unsettling for me. It was too good for an ending – The actions were limited to Sam Wilson aka New Captain America and John Walker with normal fighting scenes between almost everyone. 

I was expecting more actions from the episode finale. Knowing the identity of Power Broker was not essential especially as Power Broker was important only in Madripoor. Karli died very easily and quickly without achieving anything. Sam proved to be a Good Captain America after he convinced the Senators to stop the voting and moving the refugees back to their countries.

My theories on the Ending:

  • Karli hasn’t died, Sam must have asked her to let him convince the Senators.
  • Sam knows Sharon’s secret if Karli is alive or if she gave him some clues.
  • Bucky will start his sidekick life easily as he has made amendments with people from his book.
  • John Walker is now a sane guy who isn’t clouded by revenge. He is now a US Agent and hence, he will be a weapon in the hands of Val.
  • Zemo is back to his retirement unless he finds some Out of Control Super Soldier Again, he isn’t going out of Raft anytime soon.

As a MiniSeries, FATWS was okay. We cannot compare it with Wanda Vision as both the series revolve around different things. Wanda Vision is about magic, love and fighting oneself whereas FATWS is about History, Promise and fighting evildoers. FATWS will take time to evolve as a series as we are aware of Wanda and Vision history and abilities.

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