Why Do Superheroes Have So Many Love Interests?

Why Do Superheroes Have So Many Love Interests?

We all have had our fair share of superheroes with too much content on the Internet to geek over. From the craze that began with Superman to Batman to Spiderman to Ironman has now catapulted towards the love for supervillains like Joker, Loki, Black Adam and many more. Let’s not forget Anime that has made the passion for Heroes and Villains alive equally with infinite stories and presentations. 

There are 3 reasons for which any crime happens – Love, Money and Revenge. But in the superhero world, there is a 4th reason – Greater Good. Their world is different and at every pace, pain and suffering are waiting with often surprise of bidding goodbye to a friend. We have seen how the power of love turns into hatred and revenge and this is where this blog is going. 

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and something everybody wants and needs, people fight for it, try to buy it, try to bribe it, manipulate it and so on. and Yet, we cannot keep it up, since, it’s something we surely lose one day. So, my question is, Why do Superheroes have so many love interests in the Movies/TV shows/Anime?

We all know every superhero has one true love for whom they go to any lengths and yet they have so many love interests with whom they have fun, making the audience question their plea for love and always being alone no matter what good and different they make in the world.

The Reasons are Simple:

  • To keep the Storyline interesting and sexy. A new badass sexy female lead in every season makes the show keep the appeal alive by making the hero always being the chick manget. For eg: Everybody loves Scarlett Witch aka Natasha Romanoff as she is a complete package. 
  • Vulnerable to women. To show that men will be men, they easily get seduced by any woman they speak to for more than 10 minutes. For eg: Arrow (TV Show), Oliver Queen has had love affairs with Laurel and Sara Lance, Shado, Felicity Smoak, Samantha Clayton and many more. 
  • To show despite having too many affairs, the Hero will be with the One eventually. The trick is to make the affairs as shallow and frequent as possible to remove the emotional baggage away from them. For eg: Superman’s true love is Lois Lane and yet we have seen him getting involved with Wonder Woman, Luma Lynai, Lana Lang, Lady Zara and more. 
  • Complications are Alluring. Superheroes tend to fall for the girl who is the least attainable or comes with a lot of pain. They get the girl and still, don’t get the girl. As famously said in Naruto – To understand pain, you must know painFor eg: Spiderman got his dream girl MJ and yet he lost her due to his Superhero responsibility and fame over making money for the home. 
  • Even Hero is allowed to have fun or make wrong/maddening decisions. This shows that even the superhero is a human after all and needs a timeout now and then. For eg: Batman is known for prioritising being a Hero before everyone and everything. And so when he started dating Burglar Cat woman, everybody was surprised and yet she was the one who understood him the most. This shows that Batman fought with himself the most to be with her.
  • Talk to someone who remotely understands them: Superheroes have always struggled to maintain two distinct lives, which frequently results in drama and a tonne of falsehoods to the ones they care about the most. So, they take the risk of being themselves around people they meet when they don’t have to hide behind a mask or pretend to be someone else. For eg: Every other superhero has to conceal his/her identity for the safety of their loved ones.

These are the reasons for which we see superheroes having multiple love interests in the TV Shows/ Movies/ Anime. However, this is also evolving; superheroes now keep having fewer romantic experiences and concentrate entirely on their one and only.

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