First Diwali Away from Home and Lights

First Diwali Away from Home and Lights

Happy Diwali to All! I am living abroad on a whim and now feeling terribly homesick as another important festival has come. I have been again alone on one of the most important festivities of Indian culture. The excitement and preparations that revolve around them have increasingly narrowed down to a point where I don’t even know which festival is coming or, to be honest, I prefer being gleefully ignorant, as it would hurt less.

But truth be told, it is something I cannot escape, it’s like shedding my own skin, which is impossible. So, like every other Indian, I went shopping at the overly priced Indian stores here and bought Diyas, which to be precise, look like diyas with colours and designs but have candle wax in them. 

My first Diwali in Berlin:

  • Wish everyone I know a Happy Diwali while putting status about it.
  • Lighting the Diyas I bought which were only 3, each costing 99 cents.

  • Do some pooja, which would definitely come as a shock to all my family and friends. I am sort of an Atheist. But believe me, since coming here, I have started to have a little faith. 
  • Click some pictures of new clothes I bought, which are absolutely not Ethnic clothes. 
  • Watch Indian movies and listen to songs.
  • Scroll through Instagram to see other peoples’ Diwali pictures. Yeah, I know, a classic way of torture. 
  • Since it’s a day when I don’t have to work, cook Kheer and Tehari and just chill my time at home.

Note: The thing which I won’t do is to go to some temple or some Diwali party. Why? Because I truly detest Indians here. They are creepy and so closed-minded that it makes me sick.

Sometimes, I feel, that this much sacrifice is what I should go through for being so bold and strong-minded. Why couldn’t I have been a regular person afraid to go away from their city? Why couldn’t I have been a boring person who chose career options like every other around me? At least, I would have been successful early in my life and wouldn’t have to wander across the world for what I couldn’t get in my country. 

Anyway, I hope this Diwali, All your prayers and wishes get answered. May you never have to choose between a career and the people you love.

A lot of people struggle with sleep because sleep requires peace” – Anonymous.

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