The truth of Life as we know it and yet Ignore

The truth of Life as we know it and yet Ignore

Growing up, we were unaware of a great deal of stuff. We were taught that achieving the ideal career or having a happily ever after marriage are prerequisites for a happy ending. As we grew older, though, we saw that not everyone had the same opportunities or could live a life filled with joy and contentment. As soon as truth set in, we understood what we truly want rather than attempting to live up to the false narratives that have been fed to us since we were young:

  • Growing old with someone who knows and loves us, a nice spouse who, while having a profession, makes a genuine and hearty contribution to the home and family.
  • Why do certain family members stay away from their family alone and unmarried for life? We all know, they wanted peace and someone who can comprehend them, not tame them. This is something I can relate to since I am in my prime and know, I won’t date anyone just for the sake of it. I want someone who understands what he is getting into without making me sacrifice, just because I am a woman.
  • When you grow up, you know, there are things on which or about which, you won’t compromise. And so, finding someone who gets you becomes difficult or shall we say, more calculating. Because you are not a kid anyone, and you won’t go for any loser who just says they fancy you. You want a future, a person with a perspective not a fuck plan. You want things to plan out not be a fucking part of it. 
  • Everything plan and decision come with consequences and so, you become more thorough about your life and don’t want to waste it on useless people or people who bring trouble or temporary people looking for a good time. 
  • One becomes timid and so thorough with the lot decision, that they question everything and themselves to a point where they become scared of taking the first leap. The whole fear of being all alone in the decision is scary since you cannot show your chinks under the armour.
  • You start to value loyalty and money more than just fake meet and greet with people who wouldn’t think twice about you. You have the rules and regulations for the whole kit and caboodle in your life and if a person wants to come into your life, they have to prove themselves worthy of you emotionally, physically and financially.
  • Spending time alone seems like a time well spent.
  • Do you ever feel that no matter how much you try you will fail and even then, you try knowing you will fail? And this is not at all an encouraging circumstance to be in, but it is what everyone experiences. It’s the most demonically uninspired situation one can be in with nothing but negative thoughts beseeching you anon and forever.

    All I can say is that we have been all there (and though I am still there), while things won’t get better, they will at least get breathable with moments that will push and encourage you to become a better and more capable person than you were the day before.

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