Battle of Light vs Darkness, Who Will Triumph?

Battle of Light vs Darkness, Who Will Triumph?

They say that even the purest of souls find themselves attracted towards the darkness. It acts as a harness that pulls out the worst in people and to be honest, all the mysterious things are done in the darkness. Why? Maybe because we are too blind to face ourselves doing something that nasty in the light while admitting it to ourselves. But at the same time, this can be said for light too.

Light has always have had a better reputation in comparison with Darkness. For eg:

  • Demons are shown as the Darkness lurking to seek or damage others. While Angels are shown as the light that guides people home and their journeys safely.
  • Insects like moths, fireflies and more find light comforting so much that they are ready to die for it to escape darkness; which totally negates everything we say good about light.
  • Darkness is linked with Death, Chaos, Evil, Destruction and every negative feeling or emotion. While light is linked with Peace, Happiness, Truth, Security and every good deed present in the world.
  • Darkness is related to Mental Health issues (Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Suicidal thoughts and more), while Light is related to Second chances, Silver linings and Opportunities.
  • Darkness is connected to brain cells working more profoundly since it helps in concentrating on the matters at hand more sincerely. Light or Daytime, on the other hand, has more problems to it than solutions with a lot of distractions waiting to disrupt the chain of command and thoughts.
  • Darkness is all about the endless possibilities while Light is about limited possibilities.

To understand one’s demon, a person needs to know the allure of darkness and then only can she understand light. Darkness is a lack of illumination but with the presence of potential. It allows us to get a decent night’s sleep while maintaining our body clock in sync and keeps us away from danger as most animals are nocturnal.

Fun Fact: Dark objects absorb light and heat while light objects reflect it.

So, who will win the battle between Light and Darkness?

  • Darkness can pollute even the purest hearts and make them its slave. However, darkness’s only flaw is that light, like a lone candle, may shine in the dark and cannot be put out by any amount of darkness. Light can not exist without darkness.
  • Light is stronger than darkness but all these just portray the truth which is far from Reality. In real life, it’s easier to lose one’s anchor and become directionless, instead of constantly searching for the right path. 

As Dumbledore has said, it is easier to choose what’s easy than what’s right. I believe Darkness will always win in today’s world because everyone has 100 problems with solutions sprouting 100 more problems. And moreover, Darkness keeps us on our toes by preparing us for the worst possible outcomes.

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