World Earth Day 2021: The History, Importance, and Ways to Save the Planet

It’s safe to say, during the Pandemic, we have realised how much we have exploited the animals and nature along the way. After being jailed like animals and kept limited to a place, we realized what injustice we have done to them.

A saying by Mehmet Murat Ildan says it allThe more we pollute the earth, the less we deserve to live on earth! It was time for our suffering and now, it is time for all of us to come together for a common cause – To make it livable for the next coming generations.


So, in the enlightenment of the Humans, this World Earth Day stands for restoring the planet in a time of crisis for a brighter future. 



In 1969, John McConnell proposed the idea of a day for honouring Earth and Peace. Although it was officially moderated by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, teach nationwide the importance of Earth on 22nd April 1970, which he named Earth Day. On that day, 20 million Americans took the streets to protest against the depletion of Earth, asking for a healthy and sustainable environment.


Since then we have come a long way with increased obstacles harbouring our Earth. Issues like Climate Change, Global Warming, Depletion of the Ozone layer due to Greenhouse Gases, Melting of Ice-Caps and more are contributing to the harsh conditions humans are facing now.


On Earth Day 2016, Paris Agreement was signed by 120 countries like India, China, the United States and more. As of 2021, 196 countries are working together against Climate Change, adaptation, climate change mitigation and Finance.



  • It is more crucial now than it was 50 years back – Environmental protection is the foundation for building a better world.
  • It is a weapon for spreading Awareness against Global Warming and Climate Change.
  • It is crucial to protect the planet from Man-made disasters like Air and Water Pollution, Smog, Deforestation and much more.
  • Nature is important to us as it provides Water, Shelter, Food, Medicine, Climates and Nutrients which are essential for the Human population’s thriving.

How to Save Earth:

  • Save Water – This is crucial for all living beings’ sustenance.
  • Save Electricity – Use power-saving Energy Bulbs and Switch off devices when you are not using them, contributing to the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Plant a Tree and get free oxygen and live long.
  • Use fewer vehicles as it causes Air Pollution. Try walking or taking public transport.
  • Eat Healthy Sustainable foods as they are grown naturally and don’t impact the land much. Eat Fruits, Vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Avoid processed foods.
  • Stop eating red meat, fish or dairy every day. This will reduce energy consumption and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Avoid using Paper as it is manufactured from trees.
  • Use refillable bottles and reusable containers.

We have to take a stand and fight for the planet we live on. As Father of the Nation, Mahatama Gandhi beautifully said: Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

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