First Holi Away From Home and Colours

First Holi Away From Home and Colours

For a frog like me looking for a Clean or Freshwater pond, life has been a muddy pond. We all have been so busy chasing after jobs, people and the “Ideal dream”, that sometimes we tend to overlook what we have achieved so far. The first step is to stop listening to other voices in and out. With the voices in control, the only voice screaming with loudspeakers is the Holi festival.

Berlin is the ethically cultural city of Germany where people welcome and greet others with cold arms. So, obviously, there are places where one can celebrate Holi but it’s easier said than done. The very idea of buying a 10 to 20 Euro ticket to go to a place where people will play colours with me sounds bonkers.

Holi, a Hindu festival which celebrates Good triumphing over Evil, has become so much more than this. It is now an Indian festival which brings joy and laughter by bringing people together through colours. So, celebrating a festival which is kind of an alien here, makes all the difference. Plus, It’s not just about colours, it’s about eating Sweets and Fruits and wearing new clothes and applying Abeer on the elders, family and friends.

Mt first Holi in Berlin:
– Woke up in the Morning
– Dressed up in the Indian clothes
– Applied Abeer on my German Landlord’s cheeks and clicked some pictures
– Kept them as an Instagram/Whatsapp Status
– Called my family and friends and wished them
– Felt sad while scrolling through old Holi pics, but listened to Holi songs all day + took a nap.
– Went to ISKCON Temple, listened to Mahabharat and had a big Indian Food thali. Felt better while hanging out with the Indian community.

Why does it hurt more when I am away from home, Why does a simple festival like Holi is making me nostalgic and sad? Maybe because there is nothing DESI about celebrating Holi in Berlin, it’s more like a task that I need to perform, not a festival. The weather is another reason to not play Holi here, it’s snowing+raining with -2 Degrees as the minimum temperature.

PS: Holi is celebrated in Berlin in August as per Berlin Calendar. Why? because it’s Summer time here in August.

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