Animation Movies to Watch During Curfews and Lockdowns

Looking for a break in events of the world where Time has stopped. A time where staying home working and trying to have a good time is the only option. For all those people who are saving lives by staying home, I have listed down the top Animated Movies that will take you into the world of wonders and will surely leave you crying.

These Animation movies will make you fall in the love with the wonderful endless universe it revolves around. These stories are beautiful, animations are exceptional, the cinematography is magnificent and the soundtrack is just serene:

  • Your Name – A astonishing love story based on complex circumstances that correlate only to leave you crying. A rural girl and an urban boy intertwined with the strings of time. 
  • Spirited Away – A spirit world where you work or let yourself perish. It is a story of a girl whose parents become swine in the spirit world where the only way to set them free is through challenging the clever witch. 
  • The Boy and the Beast – A world within worlds where humans are forbidden. A story of a boy who loses his mother and runs away from home, only to end up becoming a Beast’s Apprentice.
  • Wolf Children – A story about a Mother’s sacrifice and the journey of her raising Wolf Children. A love story of a girl falling in love with a wolf, who gets shot by the police, leaving the girl raising Wolf Children.
  • Grave of the Fireflies – Two orphaned siblings trying to survive hunger, set in World War II in Japan. This movie will leave you in tears.
  • Howl’s Moving Castle – A story of Love, Magic and Mysterious Flying Castle. A story of determination and inner beauty that thaws all the magic in the world.
  • Coco – A story about a boy chasing his dreams despite his families disapproval which results in him going over to the Land of the dead.
  • Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs – A new kind of Snow White story where Apples are considered the most suspicious fruits among all. A story of breaking curses and finding beauty inside and out.

Happy Watching!

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