Why Superheroes are meant to have a Tragic Backstory?

Why Superheroes are meant to have a Tragic Backstory?

We’ve all experienced a cascade of emotions that have made our life joyful, sad, or a combination of the two. We’ve all felt the demon creep in and persuade us to do things that seem reasonable and justifiable at the time. This is when we either become the superhero or the villain of our narrative.

We often seem to fix over when we think of superheroes and their origins – Why do Superheroes have to have a sad origin story?

  • We are more likely to comprehend when we can relate to someone with our own experiences and background. For eg: Spiderman is an adolescent who is trying his hardest to fit in by doing everything he can.
  • The more we feel sad for a hero, the more we sympathise with him, and the more we admire him, the more we can relate to him. For eg: Batman. He never had a moment of happiness, and even when he did, he prioritised his role as the Dark Knight.
  • Even if the heroes are powerful, they are powerless to halt the passage of time, death, or awful events. They are all mortal by the end of the day. For eg: Flash. He travelled back in time to save his mother, only to have the same thing happen again.
  • To comprehend the good and terrible in the world, one must be able to feel both in order to choose whether we want the light or the dark, whether we want to fight or succumb to it. For eg: Catwoman. She’s like a coin with two sides: good and evil, and you never know which side you’ll receive.
  • They tell us that it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor since everyone has issues and, by the end of the day, our decisions determine who we are. For eg: Iron Man.
  • Life takes a lot from us, and we must choose whether to battle the truth or do what is convenient. This is where the Heroes come in; despite their personal and professional lives collapsing, they muster the bravery and time to aid the helpless. For eg: Green Lantern. He’s an eccentric flirt but an excellent pilot who later becomes an intergalactic hero.
  • Rather than pursuing vengeance against those who murdered their loved ones, they followed the road of law and justice. And if they don’t, they’ll be like bad guys who kill for the sake of convenience, need, or vengeance. For eg: Batman.
  • A superhero’s most significant quality is that they have made peace with their past in order to aid others in the present. For eg: Wonderwoman. She’s not like any other superhero; she grew up with the mentality of man-hatred, but she quickly understood that not all men are wicked.
  • They wear a mask and the mantle of a superhero solely so that no one else has to go through the anguish and suffering they have. So, it’s all about making the world a better and safer place for people to love, live, and enjoy. For eg: Black Widow.
  • They even assist individuals in becoming better versions of themselves. They offer second chances because they think that if someone is given love, hope, and direction, they can change. For eg: Robin.

Remember, when it comes to the death of a loved one, the line between right and wrong is often blurry. This is the time for these heroes to seek the greater good and let hope guide them.

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