Best Day Ever in Berlin, Guess Not!

Best Day Ever in Berlin, Guess Not!

Today started as a typical day, but the difference was that it was my Birthday or as the Germans say Geburtstag. Every year the idea of celebrating one’s birthday starts to sound mundane and more meaningless to me as getting Old is not something I want to celebrate. But the fact that when the people around you are more excited about it than you, it makes feel lucky to have them in your life and so was I, or so I thought.

The day started with my Flatmates caking my face and singing Happy Birthday to me, which was the best way to begin the day, I swear. And when I woke up, my loved one showered me with messages and calls which was another best reason to be alive and reconnect with people with whom you don’t talk too often. I spoke with all of my Family members and friends and their blessings and showers made my day. I would like to say that: I have the best parents and the most awesome and loving siblings in the world. And it fills me with pride and love whenever I talk about them to anyone I meet.

So, coming back to my birthday celebrations, my friends planned a garden party since the place I live in has a garden that people can use for celebrations and stuff. The catch was this is Berlin and here usually, the birthday girl or boy does her/his own birthday decorations and brings the cake also themselves, but I did only the former, which I really enjoyed because I like to decorate.

And for my birthday, my girlfriend had planned to make Gulab Jamun and some Grams and Puris, which I was really looking forward to eating. She even invited some of her friends for my birthday, who obviously didn’t show up, And so did, most of my guests. So, by the end of the day we had, my two flatmates, my two good friends, a work friend, my flatmate’s friend and a guy I met while working at a temp. job.

The celebrations were going well with Beers, Chips, and Pizzas but it went better when my flatmate decided to do a Barbecue with Pork of all kinds, which was loved by Meat lovers. And then we cut the cake which was frozen like a brick, but never mind that. We all danced to music and everybody was having fun.

I invited the work guy because I liked him, and he also liked me, or I thought he did. We flirted back and forth and so, my girlfriend was really forcing him to dance with me or putting me in every conversation she could find. I thought she knew how much I liked the guy but this soon changed when they started getting interested in each other. They were getting closer with each beer and me getting pissed by watching them getting closer. And the fun beer night ended when I saw them really close kissing and doing stuff together. I kept giving her looks like how could she do it with me. It’s not like I loved him but she was the last person I expected to fuck me up. The funny part, when they saw me looking at them, they would act like they weren’t touching each other.

I messaged her saying, I can’t believe you are hitting on him, how could you do this with me? To which she had no response. So, I asked the guy, and it went like this:

Me: Hey, wassup?

Guy: I really want to see you at work.

Me: Why?

Guy: Because we work together and I like you.

Me: Oh, Really?

We made eye contact for minutes as he knew what I was talking.

Me: You really have beautiful eyes.

Guy: You are also very beautiful.

Me: Yeah, right!

He knows what I thinking and then he goes.

Guy: We are not in a relationship. What do you expect from me? Then my girlfriend enters the kitchen.

Guy: Yeah, I like her and she likes me.

Me: Good then, Have a great time, Bye.

I left the kitchen and entered my room, closed my door and sat with my back at the door and started crying. How could she do this with me, when she knew how much I liked the guy? If she had said, she liked him, I would have been sad but happy about it. I would have never done this with her, instead, I have helped her with guys whenever she asked me.

Then it hit me, I ignored how bad of an influence she was and how she tried to manipulate me about people around me and I ignored this. I am not sad about the guy, I am pissed at her for being so casual about the situation and then how she always comes to me saying, why guys are after me? She leads guys on and then goes, Why did this happen to me?

She is the screaming biggest red flag I have ever seen and I am happy I got to see her true colours within 2 months of our friendship. She is a disgrace to all the friendships out there. It’s funny how the best day of my life in Berlin turned into the worst day of my whole life. I lost the friend I thought cared about me and plus, now I have to face this Guy at work, which I would with my head held high. The problem with today’s generation is that they are too casual about everything in life and they don’t care what they do in the heat of the moment. But Good Riddance!

Today, I lost a friend but I learned a lesson. Not everyone who says or does good for you is your friend. The only reason this girlfriend of mine was planning my birthday was because she wanted someone to throw her a birthday party as well. And that would have been me, but not anymore. Let her new lover be her birthday planner for her. Don’t trust and open up to people easily.

“I am not crying because of you; you’re not worth it. I am crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you areSteve Maraboli.

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