Struggles of Dating in the Modern World

Struggles of Dating in the Modern World

We all have been through our fair share of ups and downs to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. Dating in today’s world is like finding a needle in a haystack, almost impossible to find the one who can flutter your heart, mind and body all at once. As a result, much like choosing a job, one needs to consider a person’s abilities and qualifications before waiting for them to be shortlisted. And then go for an Interview aka Date to figure out if the work environment is per their preferences or not.

Issues of Dating in the modern world:

  • Virtual Appearances are a must: The dating world is continuing to thrive thanks to social media platforms where people upload their pictures to sway other people away. The people who get awestruck start to bombard their crushes with love messages and with any luck get a response. The worst thing about today’s dating world is how you like someone solely based on their appearance, which is mostly filters and makeup.
  • People are too into Casual Relationships: Nowadays, no one is looking for a severe relationship especially if you are looking for love on Bumble/Tinder. These are the platforms to satisfy one’s pleasure. You meet people and listen here to their definition of a relationship, which may disappoint you most of the time. For eg: These days, Open Relationships aka Situationship are pretty common.
  • Too many Dates: If you are looking for a connection or spark then online dating is not the best thing to do. You have to go on too many dates, and all of them will discourage you from continuing. This is primarily due to the fact that people want to have casual relationships only aka a one-time thing.
  • Shallow norms to pick the people you like: Swiping right just when you like someone’s photo is the essence of shallowness. The hotter your pictures are, the more the chances of you getting swiped right. So, being yourself on these dating apps won’t make you popular and wanted by people unless you are showing off, ofcourse. 
  • Easy to say inappropriate things: Just because you are on a dating app, people (cowards) don’t filter their words; they will ask the most unsuitable things. They believe that being on the apps equates to soliciting sexual approaches or that you are alright with them doing whatever or asking whatever they want.
  • First Impressions are everything: The first date is all about trying to impress the other person and especially to a level where they ask for your number (doesn’t matter whether you want to go on a second date with them or not). You dress your best and be more talkative/friendly and thoughtful. My question is how much can a person talk about themselves as it gets too annoying at times?
  • Too many Options: This is another challenge with online dating. The competition becomes more difficult as there are more people to choose from, and even if you are the first person to reach the finish line, it is still unclear who will win. In addition, polygamous relations are no longer frowned upon by people; the more the merrier. This behaviour just demonstrates their fear of being alone, which is why they always seek out a toy to play with.

The saddest thing is that people today struggle to make friends, so they start creating profiles on these apps just to have someone to talk to them and hope to meet someone they can be friends with for a very long time. But to be honest, it’s not that simple; you have to maintain a positive mindset and keep going on meetings, just like with a job.

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