Establishing A New Life in A New Place

Establishing A New Life in A New Place

They say Home is a place where even one person is thinking of you. But this is a totally different situation for people like me, who have left their homes for a better future, a better tomorrow. And like everything else in life, the changes are often indigestible or worse beyond one’s own comprehension. The only thing that keeps haunting a voyageur like myself is ‘What If I don’t get what I came here for?’.

Life is like this Swan, trying to reach another Swan.

The constant rejections are something I used to enjoy when I was in India but here, it’s just heartbreaking because, all your life you have spent on Education and Working but since coming here, they are not relevant here. The borders make a lot of difference with people and languages changing like the colours of a Chameleon.

I am going on with only one mindset: Every country has their own set of problems and opportunities. So, the longer I struggle, the better warrior I will become. Because by the end of the day, it is me who has to fight with myself to keep going on.

Foreign countries have a lot of beautiful scenery, monuments and supermarkets but it’s not home. They are well-organized, well-behaved, and well-sought places with everyone having a strong sense of who they are and what they want in their lives. And then there’s me, still trying and failing successfully with the full determination to just keep swimming.

So, I conclude this blog by saying that:
Don’t be hard on yourself, things work differently in every other country. All you need is time to get used to it. But here’s the tricky part, how much time a person will take to adjust to the changes will always differ from another person.

You don’t have to follow in the footprints of others to succeed in life and get better in your own eyes. You just need to do what feels right and just, always make mistakes of your own.

As one’s age increases with time, so does the possibility of befriending a new person. So, you might have classmates, colleagues and acquaintances but finding a friend who will stick by you through thin and thick can be tricky. So, stay strong and never give up.

I have realized that I am not a people person. I love to talk to people and generally, I am a smooth talker but at the same time, I hate small talk and meeting people often. I would prefer being with myself surrounded by doing things I enjoy. So, All I am saying is, you need to understand yourself in order to know what you want and can tolerate. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser to feel good about yourself but at the same time, you shouldn’t be too dependent on people for your happiness.

Well, this is the beauty of life, you try and fail, whine and complain, do something and regret, yearn for people and miss them dearly and so much more. Enjoy this time of self-exploration and succumb to the beauty and wonders your life provides.

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