Why We Are So Obsessed With Love?

Why We Are So Obsessed With Love?

Growing up, we were all addicted to happy endings when love triumphed over all. We’ve been fascinated by love thanks to a billion movies, TV series, music, novels, and poetry. They have helped us fall in love with the idea of love, teaching us that it can break any curse, warm even the coldest heart, and many other things. And so, this fixation with love has driven us insane in search of our own happily ever after, which doesn’t always turn out as happy as it does in movies and television shows. 

So, why are we so obsessed with Love:

  • Happy Endings – The mail Villain: In our childhood, we watched movies and tv shows where love and friendship won every person and every situation, making us believe that a good heart and deed always end up with happiness. Even the children’s books were about bad people getting punished with lessons for us to learn. The biggest villain is Disney with its Princesses aka Damsels in Distress yearning for a love match. All these love stories were shallow and naive since they depended solely on beauty.
  •  It’s an Escape from Reality: It is often said, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Therefore, when people are unable to discover their happy endings, they often use movies, television, songs, anime, novels, poetry, and other forms of escapism to live in their own worlds where love and friendship are abundant. The love lives of celebrity couples fuel their desire for unrealistic romantic connections as well.
  •  Everybody wants Love to feel good about themselves: People yearn for love and companionship because nobody is designed to be alone. We strive to complete ourselves because we feel inadequate without others. This frequently results in people becoming needy, obsessive, codependent, desperate, and scared of being alone. Because love is the finest intoxicant life has to give, we’re fascinated with it. Additionally, it’s possible that you seek to receive love from others since you don’t experience it for yourself.
  •  Happiness Booster: Love is not all sunshine, roses, butterflies and like it is painted in movies and books. Most people believe that finding love will make them happy. Yes, falling in love with someone who will return your feelings will make you happy. Falling in love with the wrong person backfires since they won’t appreciate you in return.

Whatever they may say, everyone wants to be loved. People get obsessed with love because it is a type of power and they will do anything to hold onto or obtain power, and obsession is a part of this web.

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