What are the Top 10 Human Obsessions?

What are the Top 10 Human Obsessions?

The human fascination with things has no boundaries. The very obsession with finding the unknown and beyond is the key to most of the impossible discoveries of the world. The world has become a familiar place and at the same time more mysterious and alluring thanks to the ‘Hungry for knowledge people’.

The allure leads to an obsession that makes us slaves. Here are the top 10 things that remain as obsessive as ever for us:

  • Gods are supremely powerful realities who reign over everything. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are five of the major global religions. About 84% of people on earth have a strong sense of faith and are devoted to gods.
  • Sex is one of the most desired things in the world, making it one of the subjects of human obsession. The sources that increase a person’s addiction to them include pornographic websites, sex games, sex magazines, tv shows, and movies.
  • Money is a symbol of power, comfort, prosperity, and happiness. Due to the aforementioned factors as well as the fact that nothing can be purchased without money, people are obsessed with it. To live a pleasant life full of options and opportunities, you must have money.
  • Drugs are the most compulsive things that temporarily fix problems. To temporarily escape reality, all you need is medication, injection, smoke, or alcohol. It is tempting to become obsessive since it is so simple to attain rather than doing something more difficult with a lower sense of accomplishment. 
  • Education is every child’s right. It is the only way to advance in one’s career; the more educated you are, the better off you will be in life. The route to education has no age restrictions. We are obsessed with obtaining certificates rather than learning. 
  • Timewasting is one of the best leisure of Humans. The very fact that productivity comes with procrastination says a lot. Basically, procrastination is the act of wasting time on meaningless activities like scrolling through Instagram, napping, watching movies, etc. Because it affords us some alone time, we are obsessed with wasting time.
  • Fame is craved by everyone. The desire to be seen, to feel respected, and to lead the lifestyle of a celebrity for which many are willing to gain fame. The idea of having everything at one’s fingertips and being on everyone’s televisions and hearts contributes to the obsession with fame. 
  • Food is one of life’s greatest joys. Because people love the cuisine the world has to offer, they are preoccupied with sampling new meals. The obsession with eating frequently results in unhealthy behaviours and other things.
  • Shopping is like a pursuit of happiness for people. People buy goods that are necessities, decorations, and for their own pleasures. The “feel-good hormone,” dopamine, is released by shopping. Because shopping gives them back some control over their lives, those who are shopping-obsessed find happiness whenever they are down.
  • Pets like Dogs and Cats are the most loved animals in the world. The obsession with them can be observed in YouTube videos of dogs and cats doing weird things that have amassed millions of views, and you always get the reply “Awww, so cute.” 

Obsessions are healthy as long as they don’t become red flags.

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