Millennial Siblings’ Personalities – A Must Read

Millennial Siblings’ Personalities – A Must Read

The hierarchy of a family gets questioned when siblings are born. Practically and Logically, the elder sibling is meant for all the intelligence, responsibility and respect of her parents, younger siblings and relatives. And so, goes the chain with each sibling playing a role in the family to co-exist peacefully and mind you, rationally. The youngest sibling is born for the entertainment and service of its elders. They are the ones who get abused and pampered all at the same time. While the Middle siblings, get caught between elder and younger siblings and becomes Ghost of a shell.

So, the Modern world calls for modern problems and so the hierarchy of the siblings in the family can depend upon naiveness, parents’ bias and ego. To be honest, there are only two siblings in the modern world, but never mind, here’s how things have evolved:

  • Elder Siblings: They are stars of their parent’s eyes. They keep the family together and make sure everyone is content. The very fact that unemployment is at its peak in today’s world is often the reason, the younger siblings don’t get the chance to enjoy their elder sibling’s money. Elder siblings are burdened with doing the right thing for their families. 
  • Middle Siblings: They are known for whining about not getting enough attention from their parents or their siblings. They often play the victim card since their presence is neither missed nor crucial. They tend to blame the elders and younger siblings for all the pain that has been caused in their lives. So, they try to avoid responsibility as much as possible.
  • Younger Siblings: They are the smartest (Adaptable and work-smart) members of the family. They tend to learn from their elder’s mistakes and often take roads less travelled by others. They are known for being versatile, funny, and persistent with a lot of endurance for taunts, beatings and abuses. They are the ones who know about everything and when the time comes, they do take up the responsibility. 

Problems Faced by each:

Older Siblings: They complain about how they have to be the flag-bearer of everything in their family. They have to be responsible and take initiative, no matter what. If they behave childishly, the whole family could crumble or the younger siblings would be forced to grow up.

Middle Siblings: They complain about how they are being neglected by everyone they love throughout their life. Since they don’t get items as easily as their older and younger siblings, they have to basically beg for them. They are like an Invisible wall, waiting for love, recognition and respect but ending up like a distant relative in their own family.

Younger Siblings: They are forced to grow up when their older siblings refuse to lead the family on. The ones who are abused and called childish the most by the elders. They are the black sheep of the family who despite all their frustrations and concerns for their older siblings, cannot say a thing.

Everyone is a victim and has their own struggles to fight and pain to cope with. Tell me your opinion, who is more neglected in the family? I would say, the Middle Child.

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