Why Do Indian Students Study Abroad?

Going abroad is difficult, mostly because there are so many things to consider. To mention a few, housing, career, studying, banking, visas, language classes, currency, and transportation. 

So, the question is why would someone leave their country to study abroad?

  • Education Prospects. 
    The most important thing that everyone is concerned about is getting the highest quality of education. The more polished your skills are, the more you will be successful in future. The very fact that the top education destinations across the world provide better opportunities with the best standard of living says all.
  • Reservations:
    Due to reservations, a Indian student who scores 80 or 90 percent on government exams is unable to acquire a seat. Seats are allocated to SC/ST/PWDs/OBCs, even if they have scored 50 or 60 percent. Thousands of youngsters have died as a result of reservation quotas around the country.
  • Cheaper than in-country courses.
    This is for individuals who have the financial means and resources to study abroad. For example, with living expenses, an MBBS course lasting five and a half to six years in Ukraine would cost no more than Rs 35 lakh to Rs 40 lakh, whereas a management quota seat in India costs Rs 30-70 lakh.
  • Limited Seats.
    The best colleges in the country are government-owned and have a limited number of places. With a population of over 130 crores, 1000 seats in management colleges is a big question mark.
  • Unemployment
    In December 2021, the unemployment rate jumped to 7.91 per cent, up from 6.97 per cent in November 2021. The absence of government vacancies has contributed to a loss of trust among the youth. They’ve begun to establish their own brands and start-ups. People are now transferring to the private sector due to a scarcity of jobs, and hence feel free to study abroad.
  • More exposure.
    The fascination and awe a person gets when he tells other people he studied abroad are immeasurable. You get more opportunities across the world since, your foot is in two countries at once, and thus, you get exposures of the best kind.
  • Diverse Connections
    The part of living is knowing people do value. And so with time, the more connections we have, the more diverse and rich our life becomes. Connections make life easy with prospects. 
  • Standard of Living
    Our right to live the life we want is absolute. Fighting for what we want is our right. The services given abroad are superior, but they come with a lot of tax. They provide Quality of Life with better education services, public safety, medical services and more. 

The two years have been difficult for everyone with COVID-19 becoming the Undertaker and emerging now and then. And now, the possible World War III has made us all worried for humanity and earth alike. The Indian students who have been studying in China and Ukraine have been subject to constant trauma.

The world has gone wilder than we could ever imagine in the last few days. Some countries desire more than what they have on their plates; they want to go beyond mankind and seize the land of others. And are unconcerned about spilling blood or damaging the environment. They just feel that the struggle they are fighting is right and that everybody who opposes them is also an enemy.

Uncertainty is the only certainty in a War zone.

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