Common Dreams that Haunt us All

The world can be a cruel place to live. And to escape such harsh realities of life, we sleep for peace, quiet and dreams. 

When we sleep, we enter a dream realm where we can explore our desires. A world that preserves and protects our innocence.

According to research, it is the time spent in dream sleep that cures. When you wake up the next morning, REM-sleep dreaming appears to take the sting out of tough, even horrific, emotional situations that occurred throughout the day, providing emotional resolution.

The Common Dreams we all witness are:

  • Water.
    It is one of the most common dreams that scare people. In a dream, water may represent deep emotions or, if the water is muddy, sentiments that are confusing and opaque. Water can be purifying and restorative, or it can swallow you up and drown you, identical to an overwhelming emotion like rage or sadness.
  • Flying. 
    A call for freedom. Flying in a dream indicates that you are attempting to flee from people, places, or situations that are causing you stress and to experience a sense of liberation. 
  • Murder. 
    It’s a clear indication of rage, resentment, or jealousy. Murder dreams are frequently associated with the cessation of an old habit, quality, way of thinking, or action in your waking life. 
  • Ghosts. 
    This mostly happens when you have just watched a thriller or horror movie. When you dream of a ghost, it usually means you have unfinished business that is ‘haunting’ you. 
  • Death.
    If you witness a loved one or a stranger die in your dream, it might only signify that the dream is encouraging you to start something new – A relationship, a job, a career path and forget the past.
  • Meeting a Celebrity. 
    This happens when you are watching a movie about a certain actor/actress, who you admire. The dream represents a personal yearning for acceptance and recognition.
  • Sex Dreams.
    These are frequently interpreted as a symbol of togetherness. Sex dreams can also represent deep self-acceptance and love. Simply said, sex dreams are rehearsal dinners for when you want to feel amazing.
  • Falling.
    Falling dreams may symbolise emotions of inadequacy or a sensation of being out of control in your life. Dealing with your anxieties may result in fewer scary nightmares. Anxiety or a sleep issue could be the cause of persistent nightmares.
  • Being Chased. 
    The dream inspires the dreamer to confront a problem that has been looming over him or her for some time. It could also be a sign of worry, conflict, or even falling in love.
  • Daily Routine.
    Maybe you went to bed thinking about all the things you had to do the next day, or maybe you’ve been slacking at work and are feeling bad about it. The dream is telling you to make your daily routine a priority.
  • Peeing.
    It’s not uncommon to see urine in your dreams or feel compelled to go to the bathroom. If you dream of peeing, it could indicate that you’ve lost control over certain aspects of your life. Some people have a habit of peeing on themselves. It also suggests they’ve lost control of their bladders and are now urinating in their sleep.
  • Running Late.
    This one is self-explanatory if you work in a deadline-oriented sector. The dream indicates that the dreamer is struggling with a burden of expectation that they believe they are unable to meet – whether at work, at home, or in relationships, being late implies an inability to perform at the level expected of you.
  • Drowning.
    Dreams of drowning are common among those who are afraid of water. Drowning in dreams can indicate that we are feeling overburdened at work or at home at the time of the dream. Drowning can also signify the sensation of not being able to catch our breath; it could also be a metaphor for not having enough time to oneself.

If you’re stressed or anxious, have a mental health problem, or have been through a traumatic event, you’re more likely to have nightmares or vivid dreams.

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