The Origin Story of Justice League Superheroes

The Origin Story of Justice League Superheroes

When you start watching a hero’s origin story, you quickly become attached to them. You can easily understand where they came from, what they went through as a child, and why they are in such anguish that they are trying others from having them.

Superheroes constantly remind themselves of the agony and suffering they have experienced or are experiencing as a source of strength and power to save what they can today. It is quite amazing that despite their numerous hardships, they continue to do the right thing and never cross over to the other side – The wrong Side.

With that in mind, I’m going to tell you about a bunch of Justice League superheroes who have lost someone close to them and have channelled their grief into becoming the Force of Good:

  • Batman aka Bruce Wayne
    When he was eight years old when he witnessed a mugger murdering his parents right in front of his eyes. He has never been the same since then. He became a Vigilante, a symbol that bad guys were afraid of. 
  • Superman aka Kal-El aka Clark Kent 
    He is the last survivor of his home planet Krypton. He was sent by his parents to Earth in a small spaceship when he was a newborn, just before Krypton was destroyed in a natural disaster. His ship landed in Smallville, a small town in the American Midwest, where he was raised and trained to utilise his abilities responsibly.
  • Wonder Woman ask Diana Prince 
    She is an Amazonian princess from Themyscira, a woman island. Hippolyta, her mother, sculpted her out of clay. Her father, however, is Zeus, the Old Gods’ King. She was bought up with the mentality of Misandry and that Men wage unnecessary wars. 
  • Martian Manhunter aka J’onn J’onzz
    He is one of the planet Mars’ remaining survivors. He came to Earth to battle crime and injustice. He’s lost everyone he could ever refer to as a Martian, which drives him to keep going because he doesn’t want to lose Earth and its people.
  • Flash aka Barry Allen
    When his mother died, a momma’s boy’s world turned insane. His father was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his mother. He was raised without a family or love, and his mother’s death haunted him for the rest of his life. When he transformed into Flash, he realised that his mother had been murdered by Reverse-Flash. He even tried to change his mother’s fate by modifying Timeline, which resulted in Flashpoint.
  • Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan
    He looked up to his father, a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. He lost him when he was a little boy in a plane disaster. His fear became his willpower as he grew older, and he went on to become a US Airforce Pilot. He was chosen as a Green Lantern due to his willpower.
  • Shazam aka Captain Marvel aka Billy Batson
    He grew up in a foster household with other foster kids after losing his parents when he was young. He was egotistical and callous, but he stood up for his foster siblings against bullies. But his goodness deep down helped him yearn Shazam Power.
  • Aquaman aka Arthur Curry
    He was the son of Atlanna, the Queen of the Atlantic, and Tom Curry, the keeper of the Amnesty Bay lighthouse. He grew up knowing he was different and wishing for his mother’s love, which he never got.
  • Hawk Girl aka Shayera Hall
    Former Thanagarian military officer who was instrumental in the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. She was dispatched to assess Earth’s vulnerabilities. And at the same time witness the events when Thanagar’s adversaries, the Gordanians, attack. She did, however, assist Earth by destroying Thanagarian’s Big Generation. She made a huge personal sacrifice in order to Save Planet.
  • Cyborg aka Victor Stone
    A brilliant football player, who always yearned for love from his parents Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, both of them scientists. In an inter-dimensional accident, he gets mutilated and his mother dies. His father installs extensive artificial limbs and implants on his body. Victor’s father uses significant prosthetic limbs and implants to save his son’s life.

The Justice League of America (JLA) was founded by these DC superheroes. Every time we encounter them, though, they are painted and presented in a new way. They aren’t even mentioned in certain instances.

I sometimes get the impression that these heroes were born to be the GOAT. And that they were destined to lose the people they loved because no one could be strong without suffering and pain.

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