Why I Am Not A Fan of Superman?

Why I Am Not A Fan of Superman?

I honestly believe no one should be burdened with so many powers and capabilities as Superman does. Flight, Superhuman strength, X-ray vision, Heat vision, Cold breath, Super-speed, Enhanced hearing, and Near-invulnerability are among his skills.

He is someone who, sometimes against his better judgement, has put people in danger. A superhero who has always thought of himself to be better than everyone. For example:

  • Justice League Dark Apokolips War (2020): We watched him take the Justice League to Apokolips and into a trap. This clearly shows his lack of judgement. Darkseid got exactly what he wanted: a war, a massacre, and the enslavement of JLA members. As a result of all of this, the world came to an end and a new Flashpoint was born.
  • Whenever Lex Luthor is involved, his judgement is clouded: 
    Throughout the DC shows and films, we’ve seen him go above and beyond what he’s supposed to be or do. The Justice Lords, an alternate world version of the Justice League, overthrew the government and attempted to assassinate President Luthor.
  • He is not the Brightest: 
    Superman is all about the muscles and very little brain. He gives me the impression that he wields far too much power to be trusted.
  • He is too boring: We have always seen him being way too serious and always strict. He’s all about fighting and Lois Lane. 
  • His faults are peculiar, and his foes are well aware of them: 
    Everyone knows how to kill Superman by using either Kryptonite or Red Sun. He is even weak against Magic. 
  • Anger Issues: Throughout his journey, we’ve seen how his anger issues have caused a lot of problems for everyone. The best examples are Justice League Dark Apokolips War and the death of President Luthor. In another dimension, Superman used his Heat Vision to kill Luthor.

    For more reference, watch Injustice (2021). It’s the narrative of Superman transforming into the villain we’ve all feared. When Joker murders Lois, Superman becomes a despotic ruler who is both corrupt and ruthless. He is, of course, imprisoned by Batman (The Force of Good).

He renders other heroes ineffective:

What do you think? Do let me know in the comment section.

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