Do People Change? Yes or No?

We are all actors on the stage of life playing our parts as a child, teenager, Adults, Middle-Aged and Old. All these parts are different from each other as we learn and grow up into someone we promised ourselves not to – A Mature, practical and loner person. The whole growing up process is so cruel that we end up losing some good-hearted people as we move to live without them. We do not forget them but necessarily, we don’t need them anymore in our day to day lives. This is called a CHANGE.

Yes, we change to adapt to the current situation.
Aye, we change to keep from reverting to our former innocence.
Yes, instead of fighting for more, we learn to appreciate what we already have.
We believe that battling for someone’s affection is pointless if the feeling isn’t reciprocated. And, for the most part, this is true, so we quit trying and let nature take its course.

To summarise it all: 

  • People got tired of going through the same thing over and over again.
  • People got tired of feeling like shit from the people they didn’t expect.
  • They learned that doing the same thing over and over won’t be productive or in simpler terms, making a fool out of yourselves isn’t cool.
  • The sufferings and pains they felt made them strong enough to fight back or just change their course.

Remember that change is inevitable, and something will always come along to compel you to change your ways. There will always be something that makes you want to go to another country, away from people who don’t value what you have or do.

Although, on occasion, change is imposed on us. We make decisions for the benefit of others or for our own good. We do it just to break the chain and make life easier and more enjoyable.

The one thing that everyone should believe about change is that it isĀ necessary, and here’s why:

  • It aids our internal growth, beginning with self-improvement.
  • With the support of external change, people can cope with any condition. For example, breakups, job losses, the death of a loved one, mental health and so on.
  • It enlightens us and keeps us on the racetrack. To stay relevant to the standards of the job, environment, or anything else, you must Change yourself.

It’s important to remember that you can’t save individuals who don’t want to be saved. With that in mind, it’s sometimes necessary to let go in order to make a room for change.

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