Innovative Ways to Attract People to the Vaccination Centres

 With the increasing cases of Coronavirus in India, people’s irrational fears through fake news like Impotency and Microchips being injected through vaccines have taken over them. So, to put a stop to this, the Arunachal Pradesh’s circle officer proposed an innovative way to attract 45+ to the vaccination centre.

Since requests and warnings were not working especially in the Baksa district of Assam, which has the lowest vaccination coverage. Tashi Wangchuk Thongdok, Circle Officer of Yazali of Arunachal Pradesh came up with the idea of giving 20Kg of Rice free to each person aged 45+ who comes forward for vaccination.

This resulted in 50 people gathering for vaccination despite heavy rain. This strategy will continue to exist till Baksa District achieves 100 per cent coverage by June 20. 

My views:

This is not the first case we have seen used by governments to lure people into getting a vaccination. US President Joe Biden has publically offered free beers to Americans who get jabbed. 

This is the perfect way to hit the nail on the head. The people are facing an economic crisis and it is the best way to stop the unreasonable panic and fake news from stopping people from taking the first step.  

Even though the vaccines will be free from June 21st, some people cannot see beyond their fear and clouded judgement. This is a step for these people, to attract them with something that interests them. 

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