Loki Episode 1 Review: A Mischievous Timeline for the God of Mischief

 Loki, the Big Metaphor Guy, now has his own series. How grand is that? The pilot episode was funny, interesting and sad. The introduction of Time Variance Authority (TVA) adds value and suspense to the series. Tom Hiddleston is charming and lethal as Loki and Owen Wilson is soft and visionary as TVA’s Agent Mobius. The concept is fresh, twisted and goes well with the Character of Loki. The first episode manages to keep you buckled in till the end, although, no credit scene is a bummer. All in All, it is a mischievous series for the God of Mischief. 

Loki Series starts with the 2012 ‘New York Alien Invasion’ and the moment when Loki escapes with the Tesseract. He teleports to Gobi Desert, Mongolia. But soon is arrested by TVA for the violation of sacred timeline. Obviously, Loki wouldn’t go without a fight, so, he starts with his usual monologue “I AM LOKI OF ASGARD AND I AM BURDENED WITH GLORIOUS PURPOSE”, but soon is subdued by Hunter B-15 using Time Twister – its one-click increases speed to 160 but the pain is felt in real-time.

Loki arrives at TVA, a place that even spooks him out. The first 12 minutes of the episode are smooth and funny. He is presented in front of the court for Violation 729 i.e., sequence violation as he was not meant to leave the 2012 timeline. 

When asked how you plead? Loki replied “A GOD DOESN’T PLEAD. I AM GUILTY OF BEING THE GOD OF MISCHIEF & GUILTY OF FINDING ALL THIS TEDIOUS AND GUILTY OF CRIME AGAINST THE TIME – NO, YOU HAVE THE WRONG PERSON.” The funny part or known part is that Loki is always in denial mode for his wrongdoings and would never admit his actions were bad.

So, the Judge asks who should they have instead of him? To which Loki responds ‘THE AVENGERS’. The judge clarifies Avengers were meant to do what they did but your escaping was not as per the Time Keepers. Loki tries using his power but at TVA, magic doesn’t work, it is a place where time moves differently. 

We see Agent Mobius in France (1549) investigating a case involving a devil who killed his men (Minutemen). So, he comes to Loki’s court proceedings and before the judge announces ascending Loki to reset, he intervenes.

Agent Mobius takes Loki to a screening room to show him the sample of Loki’s greatest hits – “Basically Thor 1 + Avengers 1 + Thor 3” Loki parts. Agent Mobius asks Loki about his escapes and why he is good at doing awful things and then just getting away. Here, Loki is all of us, we are embarrassed by our past and deny our actions by justifying them. 

He sees his mother dying in the other timeline and viewing this, we feel bad for him. Loki refuses to believe it, so, after few talks and a little fight, Loki manages to escape with the Time Twister, only to find that at TVF, Infinity stones are used as paperweights. He returns to the screening room to see what happened to him in the timeline from which he escaped. 

He sees his growing bond with Thor, his father’s goodbye and his death at the hands of Thanos. He realises he can’t return as he is dead in that timeline. He explains his actions as a part of his act, “HURTING PEOPLE IS A PART OF THE ILLUSION, A DESPERATE PLAY FOR CONTROL.”

He asks Agent Mobius why he needs him? To which he replies, A fugitive variant has been killing his minutemen and he needs his help in hunting him down as he is none other than LOKI himself. This is where everyone’s jaws dropped and eyes popped. 

Later we see, Minutemen arrive in Oklahoma (1858) to investigate and find that Time Machine has been used but before they could erase that timeline, they are burnt down by a mysterious hooded person.

Important things that need to be cleared:

  • Loki is dead in the Avengers Timeline.
  • We are well aware of Loki’s shifting sides and no one knows what he has under his sleeves. So, the LOKI series is about – Timeless Badder Loki vs Bad Loki.
  • Loki is known to survive all the bad things that came at him, so, he will find a way to go back to his original timeline.
  • Since he is dead, he won’t be a part of Thor – Love and Thunder.

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