International Tea Day 2021: Importance and Significance in India


Chai is The Answer to All of Life’s Problems

Today is the day of all the Chai Lovers, who never say never to a Chai. For some, Chai is their first love and it’s a sin to say No to a Tea. While for some, Chai is a friend, a healer, and a companion, and it evokes a wide range of feelings. Although many people enjoy coffee, nothing beats a good cup of chai for me and many other Indians.


The purpose of the day is to encourage people to drink more tea. According to the United Nations, tea has therapeutic value and has the potential to benefit people’s health.

Tea’s therapeutic properties have been recognised by the United Nations, but the beverage is also a vital component of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals programme. It is believed that tea would play a key role in the global fight against hunger and poverty.

UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has designated May 21 as International Tea Day because the tea harvesting season begins in May in most tea-producing countries. 

Significance of Tea in India:

Chai is the oldest and most experimental form of beverage. You can add aromatic herbs and spices like ginger, clove, cardamom and more to get the desired taste. You can even go for a healthy tea – Green and lemon tea.

In India, this hot beverage is a daily entertainer, a source of income, a pleasant drink, a topic of conversation, a component of gossip culture, and a family tradition.

The East India Company started tea plantation in Assam, Bihar and Bengal, which made India the highest exporter of Tea across the World. 

Assam is home to the greatest tea-growing region in the world. In addition, Assam is India’s leading tea producer. Dibrugarh, Assam is currently known as the Tea City of India. West Bengal Darjeeling tea has got countries first tag of Geographical Indicator in 2004.

Tea is extremely important to the state’s economy, accounting for around 15% of total revenue.

Today is the day of our honourable Prime Minister who rose to the National level leader from being a Chaiwala at a railway station. 

Significance of Tea in the USA:

Tea played one of the major roles in the American Revolution for independence when the British Empire imposed a tax on tea imported to the erstwhile 13 colonies of America, which was opposed by the colonists in the famous incidence of Boston Tea Party wherein they disposed 10 thousands pounds of tea in the ocean at Boston harbour.

Take a sip now, a Cup of Tea makes everything better!

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