Cyclone Yaas, the second Cyclone this Month


As a result of global warming, Cyclone Tauktae was formed, and the second storm, Cyclone Yaas is on its way.

Cyclone Tauktae, which originated on May 14th, began damaging coastal portions of Kerala, Karnataka, and Goa. It wreaked havoc in Maharashtra before making its landfall in Gujarat around 1:30 on 18th May. Cyclone Tauktae has damaged 12 districts of Gujarat with 25 casualties and over 49 people missing.

While, across the country, heavy rainfall and winds were reported till Thursday Morning. The cyclone was so severe that its impact lasted almost two days. 

Cyclone Yaas:

The days and nights of thunder, lightning, and torrential rains are not over yet. As per IMD reports, Yaas Cyclone, named by Oman, expected to start forming in the Bay of Bengal. Cyclone Yaas will be the second cyclonic storm to hit this week, it will start to head for West Bengal by 22nd May.

Origin and Impact:

Around May 22, a low-pressure region is extremely likely to emerge over the north Andaman Sea and the adjacent east-central Bay of Bengal.

“During the next 72 hours, it is quite likely to progressively build into a cyclonic storm. Around the evening of May 26th, it is highly likely to move northwestwards and hit the shores of West Bengal and Odisha,” according to the IMD’s Cyclone Warning Division.

West Bengal in 2020 was affected by Cyclone Amphan, the costliest Cyclone ever to hit the North Indian Ocean, resulting in 128 casualties and $13.5 billion damage.

Aerial Survey and Relief Fund: Clean-Up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted aerial surveillance of the devastated districts in Gujarat and the adjacent Union territory of Diu on Wednesday to assess the extent of the damage caused by Cyclone Tauktae. 

The Prime Minister has launched a financial aid package worth Rs 1,000 crore to help those affected by Cyclone Tauktae in Gujarat. He also granted ex-gratia compensation of Rs 200,000 for the family of those who died in the cyclone and Rs 50,000 for those who were injured.

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