Army of the Dead Review: Smart Zombies Dying Foolishly (2 Stars)

This is the film for you if you want to see action and carnage with heads blown off, explosions and only one person making it out alive. Although the antagonists were powerful, they were not surprising to us, and Zack Synder’s film struggled to make an impression. 

The movie begins with the US Army transporting a container with Extraterrestrial DNA to Area 51. However, on the way, they are involved in an accident in which a zombie escapes from the container and kills all of the army troops. 

Soon, all the dead people mutate into zombies and attack the city of Las Vegas. And like every zombie movie, a group of fearless people try to save others by killing zombies. Promptly, the government barricades the city with shipping containers to keep the zombies contained.

So, the only way to kill zombies is by denoting the city, the government decides to blow up the city in 4 days. On the other hand, we see Mr Tanaka recruiting Scott Ward (Dave Batista) to collect 200 million from his safe in Los Vegas, the home of zombies. He gathers a team to collect 200 million for a suicide mission; for some, it is a chance to earn fast money and for some, a chance for redemption.

A team of 10 people enter the City of the Dead with the help of a coyote named Lily. There are two types of Zombies:

  • Shamblers are the mindless ones, who kill everything
  • The originals are smarter, faster and organised ones. For them, Los Vegas is their kingdom. 

To sum the story, the bunch of misfits carve their way to the vault with one death after another. Martin, Mr Tanaka’s man, kills the queen and pulls off her head, which he places in a bag. He confesses that the true goal was not to collect the money but to obtain the Zombies’ blood so that they could create their own Zombies’ army.

So, if you kill the queen, who was carrying the child of the Alpha, you got yourself a war. Furthermore, the date of the bombing of the city gets changed to 1 hour and 30 min by the US Government. 

Alpha kills everyone but Van, who is saved by Dieter’s sacrifice, who saves him by locking him in the Vault. By the end of the movie, Scott kills the Alpha in a helicopter fight scene but in the process, gets bitten. We see the Nuke closing in the city and soon an explosion takes over the city, due to the shockwaves, the helicopter crashes. Scott transforms into a zombie, but his daughter Kate kills him with a bullet to the head.

We see the destruction of Las Vegas City, with Van coming out with bags of Money. He soon boards a private jet to Mexico City and soon realises he has been bit by the Alpha. So, Mexico City is the next place to be packed with dead-living people.

My review:

I wasn’t impressed by the trailer but was hoping for a good time because it’s a Zack Synder’s film. Despite being packed with action and Dave Batista, the plot lacked a back narrative, emotions, proper storytelling and a decent ending. The way they glorified the power of Alpha, his ending was disappointing and too easy. 

Plus, some stories needed explaining like how did Alpha manage to impregnate the Zombie Queen, how the Originals were created, how Van took so much to transform into a zombie and more. The killing and shooting parts are visually horrifying in a good way. It’s a one-time disappointing watch and doesn’t pass the bar set by the Zombie movies in the past.

The Movie has Huma Qureshi (Geeta), a mother of two children, trying to earn money by going into the city of the dead, who is foolishly caught by the Alpha. Her role is short and irrelevant. 

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