Healthy Hacks for Tackling COVID 19

At a time when losing your loved ones is a common thing, the battle with the COVID 19 is getting worse than ever. Every second person is COVID 19 Positive with 3 Lakhs cases being registered every day and among those around .01 per cent, people are dying each day. 

India is battling a fight that it never prepared for 14 months and now, our nightmares have come to life. People are adopting nature’s hacks to save themselves from Coronavirus like:

  • Lukewarm Water: Consumption of warm water at regular intervals protects you from catching COVID 19.
  • Detox Tea: Starting your day with warm tea that contains ginger, tulsi leaves and lemons helps you in fighting Corona.
  • Onion in the room: Keeping Onions in the room will prevent the chances of you catching a cold as it absorbs all the moisture.
  • Warm Milk with Turmeric: It is a simple way of boosting your immunity.
  • Steam Insulation: Keep taking steam to keep your nasal tract and throat hydrated all day long.
  • Intake Vegetables/Fruits: Increase the amount of vegetable and fruits intake in your diet. The right nutrients keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Vitamin C and D: Citric Fruits and Vegetables give us Vitamin C and Sun gives us Vitamin D. These Vitamins help you in building up immunity.
  • Exercise: The most important thing is to keep your body fit through regular exercises. It boosts your mental health, eases blood circulations and muscle activity.

These are the natural remedy that helps in strengthening our immune system with abundantly available natural ingredients! Food and diet as medicine is the best formula to escape from COVID 19.

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