COVID 19 Second Wave and Foreign Players

India has been experiencing the most critical conditions since COVID 19 commenced. We are out of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, COVID 19 vaccines, medical pieces of equipment, and more. India recorded 3,13,648 new COVID 19 cases and 2,679 deaths yesterday with Maharashtra registering the most, followed by Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

A time when India has become the epicentre of Pandemic, India is receiving assistance from more than 20 countries across the globe:

  • USA: President Joe Biden is sending Remdesvir and other drugs to prevent and help people recover faster. He is also sending Actual Mechanical Parts needed to make a vaccine. The US hasn’t forgotten how India helped them when they need vaccines.

  • Russia: President Vladimir Putin is sending more than 22 tonnes of medical supplies and cooperation on the Sputnik V vaccine to India to combat the second COVID-19 wave. These supplies comprise 75 ventilators, 20 oxygen production units, and 2,00,000 packs of medicines.

  • UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has provided Delhi with 140 ventilators and 495 oxygen generators. Further aid in the coming weeks is expected with shipping 600 pieces of vital medical equipment.

  • Germany: Germany shipping 23 mobile oxygen generation plants for use in military units tending to Covid-19 patients. They’re expected to arrive in India this week. It is working on transporting the broad-spectrum antiviral medication Remdesivir and other medicines from emergency stocks.

  • Saudi Arabia: They sent 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen on April 24 in partnership with the Indian-owned shipping companies Adani Group and Linde. The first tanks are headed to the port of Mundra.

  • Singapore: The Indian Air Force airlifted four cryogenic oxygen tanks donated by Singapore on April 24. 7,511 oxygen concentrators, 516 BiPAPs, and 256 oxygen cylinders have either arrived or are on their way to India as soon as possible with eight cryogenic oxygen tanks.

  • Australia: The country has announced donating non-invasive ventilators, conveying oxygen, and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to India as part of an immediate support package.

  • France: On President Emmanuel Macron command, a massive solidarity mission in support of the Indian people has been started. It intends to both answer to the emergency and promotes the long-term resilience of India’s healthcare system, supported by French companies present in India and the EU. 

    The medical supplies will be sent including eight oxygen generators, each capable of uninterrupted supply of oxygen for a 250-bed hospital for nearly 10 years. 

    As per the ministry, five containers of liquid medical oxygen are being sent as part of the first instalment, capable of supplying and helping up to 10,000 patients per day. France is also shipping 28 ventilators and their consumables, as well as 200 electric syringe pumps.

  • China: The country has announced to support and help India in its dire needs. 25,000 oxygen concentrators would be supplied to India.

People at personal levels are also helping India’s Hospitals and patients with supplying oxygen cylinders, vaccines, medical equipment, transportations and more.

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