Role of COVID-19 in Accelerating Technology Adoption in the Medical Industry

Life as we know it has its ups and downs. But still, we try to keep up with the toughest problems that come our way. It is during this time, we understand what are the best things about us, the people and things around us. We start to value and cherish people and things.

During COVID 19 Pandemic times, trying to hold on to your jobs, dreams, beloved ones while trying to achieve peace is what makes us survive. All this can be contributed to Technology, the fast-pacing innovation which has helped us connect with our dreams and loved ones during the toughest of times. 

So, I have listed down the role of Technology during the COVID 19 phase for Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Increased Healthcare Technolgy: Gon
    e are the days when we used to run to the hospitals and clinics for getting ourselves checked. Now in the Age of Technolgy, you get your whole body checkups and detected symptoms from home. All you need is an Application on your mobile phone as it is accurate, patient-friendly and patient-centric.
  • Online Pharmacies: No need to stand in line at the medical stores to buy medicines now. You can shop medicines online, available with many discounts and they get delivered to your homes. Now, even laboratory reports are sent online with doctors available to monitor the patients through online consultations and webinars.
  • Efficiency Tool: The AI-based tools have helped patients and hospital staff with the delivery of services, efficiency and its a safety tool for patients and medical professionals.

The Age of Technology has helped us stay in touch with the World. It has helped us survive during the toughest times humans have witnessed in history. What started from China has now spread across the world with India at the epicentre of Danger.

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