Will COVID 19 be Defeated by a Lockdown?

Lockdown has been effectively imposed in Delhi from 19th Night till April 26th. The question many of us are asking is – Will Lockdown help in curbing the increased cases of COVID 19? 

When you don’t have a cure for anything other than precautions, then the human race is in trouble. We are being punished for breaking into the animal kingdom as the virus is a zoonotic-based disease. We have bluntly exploited the natural resources and animals by getting into their spaces. 

Last year on 25th March 2020 the National Lockdown was imposed, which resulted in the economic and psychological meltdown of the country and its people. It affected the psychological conditions of people cooked up in their homes with frustrations, anxiety and mental health issues.

Economically, Lockdown made every country’s economy crashing down with India’s GDP going negative. Many Startups and companies were heavily affected and hence were shut down as they no longer can bear the loss with the possibility of COVID 19 staying around the corner.

Although, environmentally things improved like – Better Air Quality, Less Air and Water Pollution, Clearer seas and Lakes with the spotting of Dolphins at Mumbai’s Marine Drive, Animals being spotted on the roads roaming freely without fear and more. 

So the question remains – Will we go back to the conditions of 2020? Will the companies bear more loss by providing their employees with the privilege of working from home?

Benefits of Lockdown:

The changing climate is a contributing factor for the rise in the cases of COVID 19. There are not benefits of Lockdown, just a benefit that it will decrease the rise in the cases of COVID 19. The Capital of India has been facing a shortage in the supply of oxygen and ICU Beds.

However, the question that remains still is when will people start wearing masks and following restrictions. Every day 1000 cases are being registered against violating the safety rules, which has resulted in soaring COVID 19 cases and deaths of young and old people. 

We need to understand that the Lockdown will help us remain safe and secure. The Delhi government has only imposed a week lockdown and if you don’t abide by it, it may increase to a month or months.

Things to do:

  • Wear Masks
  • Maintain Social Distance
  • Avoid going out for Unnecessary reasons
  • Avoid Public Gathering – Going to Temples, Marriages, Parties.
  • Keep sanitizing yourself whenever you are out of your house
  • When coming from outside, change your clothes right away and sanitize yourself properly.
  • Drink hot water, immunity pills, avoid drinking too much cold water and more.
  • Avoid meeting the Kids and Elderly above 50 Age after coming from outside. 
  • Now, as the Vaccination has been opened for all ages, get yourself injected.

Across the country, night curfews have been imposed. Stay Indoors and Save Lives.

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