Delhi Weekend Curfew: Night Curfews are not Enough, What’s Allowed?

 I cannot emphasise enough the safety measures one must take to protect themselves from the cold rising wave of COVID 19. The wave has hit all the major cities of India with rising cases of people admitted to the hospitals and mounting deaths every day.

Despite the risk, Delhi people are being ignorant, they are not following the curfew rules which have resulted in more than 5000 people prosecuted. South West Delhi people have violated the curfew rules the most with more than 1000 people not wearing masks.

Wednesday witnessed 17,282 new COVID cases, while 100 deaths, giving us how bad the situation has become in Delhi. There are 50,736 active cases in Delhi out of 2 lakhs cases across the country as of now. 

To control the situation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has decided to put Weekend Curfews from Friday that will slow down the mounting cases of COVID 19.

Throughout Weekend Curfew, only essential activities like pre-planned weddings will be allowed. Auditoriums, Malls, Gyms, Spas and restaurants will be closed, although, home deliveries and takeaways are allowed.  Movie theatres will operate with only 30 per cent of capacity on weekdays while weekly markets will continue with restrictions like One market on any day at a given zone. 

All the social, religious and political gatherings are banned as well. The number of people at the wedding will be limited to 50 and only 20 people will be permitted at funerals.

If, despite the restrictions, the situation doesn’t change, then, there is a good possibility of a Lockdown around the corner. Kindly wear masks whenever you go out, sanitize your hands frequently and don’t socialize much. Protect yourself, that way you are protecting people around you.

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