Amidst COVID 19, Future of Students seems tiptoed towards Oblivion


When we were younger, we used to dream of getting our exams postponed and our school closed down due to some natural or man-made calamity. But despite hating exams and going to school every day, we outgrew them.

But we wouldn’t have thought our coming generations will be facing something so extreme. COVID-19 made us value things that we took for granted, it opened our eyes to see beyond the limitations with prioritizing life over money, material, exams, jobs and more.

Our naiveness has now become a reality where 10th and 12th class students since 2020 are having trouble getting a date for their examination. The current batch of Class 10th and 12th are having difficulty seeing their future due to the cancellation and postponement of exams because of rising cases of COVID 19.

The kids have been stuck in their homes for more than a year now, learning from Online classes, while secondary students schools opened but were soon closed due to COVID 19

What are the Current Situations of Students? 

  • The current situation of the students has now been limited to Online classes and if they want to learn something, the theory is the only way.
  • Online classes have limitations to what a person can learn. 
  • Geographically and economically speaking, not every student can have internet access and doesn’t possess the money required to learn online.
  • Online exams are not trustworthy – a person can cheat.

What is the future of the Students?

  • Unless and until COVID 19 is there in the world – uncured, the future of the students will be limited to screen time. 
  • We might see creative education where teachers with assistance from AI and Robotics can help students learn with no stone unturned. They will help in problem-solving and education access to all with no child left behind. 
  • We will see Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality being a big part of the Education system.

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