Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5 Review: Sam Wilson Gears up as the New Captain America

 In Episode 4, John Walker brutally killed a Flag-Smashers member in front of the world. This where we came to realise he is not a good Captain America.

In Episode 5, he is dismissed as Captain America with no powers, credibility and benefits from the government.

We witness a furious fight between Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and John Walker for the Shield. After the gruesome fight, Sam walks away with the Shield, feeling it’s his fault that a soldier like John went grave.

We see John Walker obsession over the fact that he is Captain America and, he is what the government wanted him to be. He mourns the death of his best friend and sidekick Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar, he meets his parents and says, he took revenge for his death, although, the guy he killed didn’t kill Lemar.

I do empathize with John Walker, living under someone’s shadow isn’t easy. He became what the government wanted him to be and he got sidetracked, which happens to the best of us. But with great power comes great responsibility, he shouldn’t have forgotten that. If he didn’t take the Super-Soldier serum, his best friend might have been alive. He was too busy feeling bad for himself that he didn’t see his best friend supporting him through all his battles. And now, he has gone mad.

We see a new Character, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who graciously offered help to John Walker saying the Super-Soldier Serum has made him a valuable asset to powerful people. She further said taking Super-Soldier Serum is the best thing he did along with picking up the phone when she calls him as the first best thing. 

Who is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine?

According to Marvel, She is a sleeper Russian agent, a former member of S.H.I.E.L.D. but works for HYDRA.

We see Sam Wilson having second thoughts about keeping the shield after he meets Isaiah Bradley who says, the government and people will never accept a Black Captain America. Because he was like Steve Rogers, a Super-Soldier but was kept locked up with more than 30 years being tested on. He said, he got out after some nurse pitied him and made a false report stating he’s dead. He further said black people will never respect him and the stars and stripes are nothing for him.

We see, ZEMO in Sokovia looking at his family’s statue, waiting for Bucky to arrive. Bucky shoots at him without bullets to see ZEMO’s reaction, while ZEMO eagerly accepting his fate and waiting to receive the bullet. Bucky hands ZEMO over to the Dora Milaje and in return, asks Ayo a favour.

Meanwhile, Sam is helping his sister Sarah rebuild their Parents Ship for selling. Bucky arrives with a case he asked for a favour from Ayo and offers help in rebuilding the ship.

Sam tells Bucky to stop avenging and start getting closure with the list of people in his book. They both practice with the Shield. It is been established here that Steve Rogers is dead.

Karli, on the other hand, is in New York where she tries to blow up the building where the Global Repatriation Council (GRC) meeting is being held. Representatives from all over the world have gathered to discuss the future of the refugees. Karli Joins hinds with Georges Batroc, who also wants Falcon dead.

Sarah tells Sam to stop rethinking about what happened to Bradley and the history. Sam accepts his fate and starts training as the new Captain America starting with aiming the Shield.

I must say, Sam Wilson aka Anthony Mackie is hot and fit. The episode concludes with him opening the case bucky gave, I am sure it is the new Captain America Suit. I am so excited to see it.

What to expect from Episode 6?
Episode 6 will be the last episode of Season 1. So, I have a lot of expectations from it as I had from Episode 5 but never mind.

  • John Walker will go on the other side and become the ruthless puppet of HYDRA like Bucky was with the obsession with the Shield.
  • The new Captain America fighting with honour and just.
  • We will see bucky’s new side of getting closure with people.
  • Sharon might have asked Georges Batroc to join hands with Karli. As we see her talking to someone on phone for help, and the person is shouting in French.

In the credit scene, we see John Walker making a Captain America inspired Shield. Well, the obsession has led to madness. He will die but won’t stop being Captain America.

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