Saudi Arab – Technology gets upper hand

Human developed technologies and gadgets to improve life and make it effortless. With the increase in human population, technologies are growing and outspreading faster as now the world is more interested in going AUTOMATIC than MANUAL.

From countries like Canada which welcomes people from different countries & religions, which gives equal rights to its men and women with maximum opportunities’ and areas of magnification. To the countries like Saudi Arab which is rigid towards entry of people from different countries and religions, which is only about business, a country where women rights are less than men.

A country like Saudi Arab has now introduced a Robot named Sophia, 1standroid robot who has been granted citizenship and rights more than their women, which is surprisingly a non-Muslim as being so, one cannot get Citizenship.

Sophia designed by Hong Kong Company Hanson Robotics, was unveiled at the Riyadh’s Future Investment Initiative conference on October25, 2017.

Men and women have been opposing and criticizing this robot as Saudi Arab is ruled under a conservative brand of Islam that until recently forbid women from driving or being in public without a male escort or permission from their husband or father. The country is regularly criticized for human rights abuses.

And with introduction of a woman Robot a ruckus has been caused among men and women. The most controversial is that the robot is not wearing like women of Saudi Arab always wear which is a long dress, an outer cloak called “abaya”, and a scarf called “shayla”. Saudi women always cover their body, sometimes they leave only face and wrists uncovered, and some women leave only eyes and wrists.

Women are now wishing that one day they’ll become Sophia and get their rights without fighting and punishments. They are waiting for the time, when they can choose their path and have the right to do anything they want or desire.

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