Hub of New Festivals – India

India a place which celebrates and welcomes different cultures, ethnicity and religions loves the sensational and different elements of fun and adventure they bring along with them.
With time, we have accepted the change and are living effortless with modified styles and behaviors. We have grown out of rigidity and are living free by welcoming them in reshaping every thought, mentality and tradition.
These festivals are an escape for people to live there life to the fullest and without worrying. For those who love to try and experience new food & music.
But we have failed to acknowledge that all this has caused immense loss to the coming generations as they have started getting addicted to all drinks and drugs, which they should not be with.

These festivals are all about Drinking, smoking, Hookah’s, and dancing & most importantly dressing for it. For girls, wearing less clothes & more makeup & for boys, drinking and making their girl friends happy.

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