Dharam Sankat mein – Review

It’s a 2015 Indian Satirical film directed by Fuwad Khan starring versatile and fierce actors like Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor and Naseeruddin shah.
The story revolves around DharamPal (Paresh Rawal) who is an Atheist Hindu who dislikes Muslims and thinks they are reason behind every attack or riots. But soon he gets shocked by the revelation that he is adopted and is a Muslim born. The story is about how a person feels about his religion and how they want their religion to be at the top. How religion is part of their identity, life and status. It’s about how a religion is everything a man can be and is.
Dharampal discovers that he is a Muslim born adopted by Hindu Family and about which he was unaware for 50 years. So, the story is about how he changed his behaviour towards his hatred and discrimination towards Muslim Community.
It’s about how in order to meet his biological father he learns and understands the importance of Muslim Religion as he is forced by Immam, his father’s caretaker. So, with the help of his Muslim friend Nawab Mehmood Nazim Ali Shah Khan Bahadur (Annu Kapoor) who only knows about his secret he learns everything like the talking, enunciation, praying and the ways.
The twist comes when Dharampal’s son falls for Shraddha and in order to marry her, he needs to impress Shraddha’s father who is a devour follower of Neelanand (Naseeruddin Shah). So,he tells his father to follow Neelanand and become spiritual.
He is seen learning Hindu rituals along with Muslim rituals and Quran.
Things got out of hand, when in order to impress Shraddha’s father Dharampal burns Muslim’s sacred cap and then later, to save himself from Muslim’s anger, he reveals he is a Muslim.
His family leaves him, and a case is filled against him for condemning the Muslim community. He fights with immam and wins the case in his favour. The judge commands Immam to let Dharampal meet his ailing father. But when he arrives, his father is found dead.
Dharampal now shattered and furious with Neelanand behind everything. He accidentally discovers that Neelanand Baba’s eye twitches due to blepharospasm, a very rare abnormality causing contraction of the eyelid, which the Punjabi pop singer Manjeet Manchala also suffered from. He finds out that the singer disappeared years ago and soon realises Neelanand is the Pop Singer due to similar voice. So, he and his friend Nawab crashes the event of Neelanand and shows the baba’s true colours. About how fraud, disrespectful, womaniser he is.
The film ends on a good note that as long as the person is acting rightfully, his religion doesn’t matter. The family reunites with him and his son marries Shraddha.
It’s a journey about him finding himself and discovering different aspects of religion and people.
P.S. The movie is similar to OMG (2012) but here the story differentiates as here a person’s identity is at cost and at question.

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