Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is an emotion. 
It is a feeling we express when we are really satisfied with ourselves or others through smiling and being cheerful.

Happiness is something which is really important if you want to be mentally and physically healthy. It is very essential to be happy. The happier you are, the more you live a life disease free.

So, here the reasons why we are unhappy with ourselves:

1)              COMPARISION: We cannot be happy with ourselves if we compare us with others. Every one possess some strengths’ and it is very unrealistic and unfair to compare us with them. It is the deadliest anyone can use on themselves. When we compare our self to someone we are disrespecting and lowering our self to someone else’s level.

2)              SELF HATRED: Nothing is as bad as hating ourselves, if we are incapable to push ourselves to certain point or level. I mean, everyone has faults and it’s not good to be harsh to ourselves. By doing so, we are limiting ourselves and accepted the fact that WE ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING. Be proud of who you are.

3)              VALUE RELATIONSHIPS: It is stupid to think that I don’t need anyone in my life to be happy. What happiness would be if you don’t have anyone to share it with. So, love your family as well as friends. You have them for free, always find time for them. Value your loved ones always.

4)             LITTLE THINGS: You cannot find happiness at the place you lost them. Don’t look for happiness as you’ll find them in the smallest things. Like unexpected hug from loved ones, discount on clothes, and many more. The happiness varies from person to person.
5)              LISTENING TO HEART: We are so busy in growing up and trying to earn a living. We forget to listen to our heart i.e., do things we love like playing guitar, cooking, singing, the girl I should have asked out and many more. These things leave us with a hole punched into our heart. Never stop yourself from something you want to do or say.

Make a joke of yourself, it’s better than not having enough guts to speak your mind. 
So, happiness is a choice, we can choose when we want to be happy. Most quintessential thing is that happiness lies in our hand, no one can give it us. It’s an inner voice.

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