Shivaji Paintings

Today, we attended Chhatrapati Shivrai Mahotsav at Indira Gandhi National centre for the Arts (IGNCA) where we saw live depiction of the struggles, endeavours, triumphs and achievements through paintings of Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj, who was an Indian Warrior king and founder of Maratha Empire in western India in 1664.
Insights I got from the paintings and the Museum Guide were:
He was born in 19th century at the shivneri fort, pune to a valiant Maratha regent Shahaji Raje and dedicated mother Jijabai.  A young boy of 16 is not known to win battles, but his mother’s teachings, father’s struggle and a pride in the motherland gave him his first achievement as the able warrier by capturing torna fort, kondana  & rajgad fort.
His major breakthrough came with battle of Pratapgad against Afzal Khan, the general of the Sultanate of Bijapur.
He was called the “Father of Indian Navy”, as he build a strong naval presence across the coasts to protect the lands from sea trade. He protected the lands from sack of prosperity of subjects from coastal raids, plunder and destruction by Arabs, Portuguese, British and pirates.
In his rule, any crime against women was a punishable offence, strict punishments were meted out to people who harassed women.
Shivaji married Saibai while still in his childhood.
‘A fine work of art has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.’         I have never seen anything like it, it was a real life portrayal of what may had happened in 19th century, and I  cannot help but feel as if I was there witnessing the events with my own eyes. The paintings were so lustrous, radiant and beautiful.
I also met Mr.Deepak Gore, who told us about the DURG FOUNDATION CHARITY TRUST, which organises various activities and programs at Forts Rajgad such as cultural camps as well as training sessions for trekkers and visitors like adventure sports, yoga-meditation sessions, horse riding & so on.
I eat various Marathi dishes and of which I have never heard the name of. They were really tasty and new to my taste buds but it was worth it..
I would recommend everyone to go there once and attend it, it’s there till 16 October 2017. These people have come all the way from Maharashtra to showcase their hard work and dedication, to show the world The Real SHIVAJI. Must see it.

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