Stop being Self Centered

No one likes a person who always brags or keeps telling you what they did for you. We get it; we love when you do something or buy stuff for us. Everyone loves a person who fulfills our wishes and needs. But no one loves a person who every now and then keeps notifying you with everything they did for you. It’s very frustrating and annoying, it’s like you did those things just to show off later.

Just think if we started replying back with our ‘what we did for you’. You will be torn apart. But we cannot as we are empathetic and don’t want to hurt your feelings. We think about you, you think about yourself and all the troubles you went through to do certain job or tasks for us.

Life is full of up and downs with fights and struggles but that doesn’t mean you will narrow down your relationship with your family, friends, lover by weighing all the favors you did for them.

Life is nothing without someone, every minute a person is dependent on others to survive. So, even if you think you don’t need someone, you can’t ignore the fact that life is all about people you love.

You have been obligated by them, and they helped you irrespective of getting anything in return. Therefore, Ego shouldn’t come in between relationships as it kills it and makes you super mad. And when person is mad at another person, he speaks the truth bluntly without thinking through creating a huge void which cannot be filled.

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