Techniques used by companies to evaluate Employee

It is a very common and popular technique used in the industries and companies to enhance and develop their employees. It is pervasive i.e., this techniques applies to all irrespective of where they work, or come from or race, etc. It is a self-evaluate activity.


1ST step –
 Identify the strengths of one self. Locate what are your skills, abilities and powers you possess. Know what you are capable of and what qualities you inherit and how to enhance them. In resulting, having confidence to show them off to people.

2nd step –
When you were going through the step 1 you discovered your strengths along with weaknesses. You know your weaknesses and ways to develop or overcome them and convert them into strengths.

3rd step –
When you know your strengths and weaknesses well you can easily recognize your opportunities’ and how to use and take full benefit of them.
4th step and Final step –
To know the threats or problems that may rise or occur while going through the activities or work. The task is to pinpoint them and prevent them before happening or minimize the loss.

SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation.  SWOT analysis may also be used in pre-crisis planning and preventive CRISIS MANAGEMENT. Explore new solutions to problems. Identify barriers that will limit goals/objectives. Decide on direction that will be most effective


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