The Time I went WTF

My friend SH was a school teacher as her family was financially weak; she had to work as well as study. So, her school had function on our Independence Day, to which she invited me. I was accompanied by her boyfriend HITY as I didn’t know the way. For the record, I hate her boyfriend and it is natural to hate your best friend’s boyfriend.

So, we reached there. She looked beautiful wearing a sari and very excited while doing anchoring. The weird thing happened, her waist started showing and her boyfriend was like hide it. The material of the sari was very smooth so, it kept on falling. However, that thing her dumb boyfriend didn’t get. The thing which made me uncomfortable was, when he kept on saying “how can I ignore it, if I haven’t seen it I won’t let anyone else see it and started saying all the crap that how his sisters don’t do this, etc.” I was like WTF is he talking and how cheap and disgusting he is.

 Even my friend hated him for saying this. We both laughed on this for hours. That day I had the reason about why I hate him.

P.S. : My friend SH and I are no longer friends, as she chose HITY over me. I am not mad but sad for her that she lost her best friend ever for that douche bag.

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