Growing up I hated my brother because he was the only boy and we were 3 girls. So, parents were little biased towards him. He used to get away with everything and anything he asked. He fought with me a lot and made me hate him a lot.

Now, as we both have grown up we do fight but in a healthy way. He understands me and talks to me in a non-threatening way. We now act mature. Now I just wait for him, to come home from holidays.

He is a pain but he is my only brother. I hate him but I love him also. He still gets all benefits but now I understand, he is in a lot pressure to get a job. He studies all the time and is full of stress.

He helps me to go to places, buys me everything I ask for, he did have changed but in a good way. He now knows how to treat me right.

When I was younger I never cared about him but now I really do. I appreciate and treasure him.

P.S. I never made any brother like other girls. I always said to myself, I can’t handle 1 brother how will I be able to handle someone else who is not blood related to me.

Always remember Brothers are very special. It takes time for them to understand their sisters. They may annoy you, behave badly with you but they will be there for you till the end.

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