The time I was a 3rd wheel

I was naive and the biggest fan of watching movies on the big screens. It’s one of those days when I was an 11th Standard Girl.I went with my friend JO and along came her boyfriend KING. 

I was like this will be fun as the more the merrier. So, we were watching this movie ‘2 States’ and suddenly I hear noises beside me. As I turned I found my friend and her Boyfriend were making out. 

I was like what the fuck is this? Who does smooching in theatres? As I mentioned above, I was naïve and new to these things. So, the whole time they were onto their games and I was at the screen. It was very embarrassing. She apologized after the movie. After that incident, I never went out with smooching couples.

P.S. She was my classmate and I only went with her because she paid for the tickets and popcorn.

Now I know, theaters are really good place to get on with your games. Super safe and fun.     

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