First Date Fiasco Part 2

So, she was out with JERK for her FIRST DATE, he was taking her to his house. She was like okay, let’s see what happens. 

He sneaked her into his sister’s room. She was talking to him and He was like… why are you sitting far from me. She came closer to him. Then he started kissing her .His hands went under her t-shirt. She stopped him but he said he is only kissing her. Then, he starting undressing himself, She said no, I don’t wanna do she. He forced her into doing it. 

When she came back to her house, she was in pain. She hated herself for doing such a thing which she didn’t wanted to do in the First Place. She thought to herself, she had become a slut. She told her Friend GG, he said how can he force you, you should have said no. SHE told him, I did, but he wasn’t listening to her. Then GG said It’s like you are saying that JERK raped you. He did Raped her, but not in that way.

She lost her self again. She hated herself even more because she had no feeling for that guy and she did it because he wanted to.  She lost the energy to do anything, go out anymore, or eat or talk to anyone. Because she knew no one will understand her. She was loathing herself again.
She only used to go out for her DANCE CLASS, where she behaved like a clown, but deep down she was in shame, sad and lonely. 
Now, she decided to never go out again unless she got feelings for some guy. 

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