Babies lil’ adorable monsters

Children – small bombs with maximum explosion

Kids or babies are very special gifts for humans. They are the miniature version of cuteness, smartness, love, happiness, sorrow, fun.

They teach us something new every day. They teach us to laugh, smile, forget our problems and live our life to the fullest.

ü They are the perfect example of what goes around comes around.
ü They teach us to move on & don’t hold on to things or grudges.
ü They show us how simple it is to be happy with little things.
ü Always be with those who you love and never leave them.
ü Sometimes all you need is sleep, long and comforting sleep.
ü Eat everything you desire and sometimes healthy too.
ü You will get many toys in life, so, never regret or hold on to them.
ü Give yourself a break and don’t be hard on yourself. After all, you are a kid who needs to be nurtured and loved.
ü Crying is not a sigh of weakness but a sign of wanting something and knowing people are there to look after you.
ü Kids teach you patience and lessons on how to love someone.
ü Kids teach us to never stop trying until you get what you wanted.
ü Kids are always full of curiosity. So, never be afraid to accept things and people and let them show what they are.
ü Kids make you a better person and reasons to love and learn things about yourself. So keep learning.

They make you love and appreciate everything around us like people, animals, nature, everything. Just enjoy and jeep on learning from little brats. They may lack the experience but they are so much more. They are full of zeal, curiosity, affection, stubbornness, creativity, and many more. So, always look forward to their company.

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