Love to me is fictional. I don’t believe in love and the concept of love which is forever and always.
Let’s face the truth, we live in 21stcentury, our generation is messed up with all the technologies and having shortcuts for everything. We want everything fast be it money, food, love or sex. We want to achieve everything with the blink of an eye.

Love is a mythical concept created by teen romance novel authors like Twilight. Due to these novels and movies, we believe someone is out there for us waiting and fight for us and will be our soul mate.

 But this is real life, instead of cool wizards, vampires, werewolves you end up with players who make you hate LOVE and anything near it. They make you realize love is just an infatuation and everyone is looking forward to mess with you physically, mentally, emotionally and every way possible. 

I have never been in LOVE, but for days I have been in dreams of the guy which doesn’t last longer. As soon as you find out all they want is to physically abuse and use you, they only wear a mask of being a lover to you. But once, they got what they wanted they will vanish in thin air. Well, they will keep on coming from time to time for more.

This is the reason why some people don’t trust or want to be in LOVE. All it gives you are betrayal, pain, depression, trust issues or intimacy issues and make you vulnerable. It makes a big hole in your chest which gets bigger with time leaving you cold and full of regrets. 

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