The girl who shuts everyone out

Everyone has a way of dealing with the people around them. Some people believe in sorting out the problems with the ones they love.

For some people it’s better to shut people out because they know if they will talk to those they love, they will create the problems that weren’t in first place which will make the matter much worse.

For some people they hate talking about their problems and are better off talking without solving the differences. They prefer not to indulge in any fighting’s; they are like to keep it cool.

So, let’s get back to the heading, this is story of a girl. A girl who is stubborn as a baby, silly as a child, and funny. But the problem with her is that once she gets mad at people either she puts all them in block list or just talks to them like nothing ever happened. Because she is tired of fighting for the ones she loves as she had been there and seen people slowing fading away from her life. 

So, she had mastered the fact that, those who want to stay in your life will stay, you can’t keep someone in your life irrespective of whatever you did for them. The most priceless thing that she understood was ‘love yourself, do what makes you happy’. Keep only those people in your life who make you want to be a better and good person then you are or were. Appreciate what you have and if people around you are selfish, just be selfish. Remove them from your life, live a life around those who care about you as much as you care about them. Give substance to Quality than quantity.

Due to self-centered and material people, she isolated herself from everyone because she got exhausted of all the games, drama and clichés. She was bailed out by everyone she had ever trusted. They made her consider she is not good enough for anyone as she is the one who always ends up all alone and hurt. So, she thinks it’s better to shut people off then to let them in.

Because of all this, she had started to love herself and cherish what she has and treasure it always!

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