Little Things

I am one of those girls’ who wouldn’t get mad or create scene or cry but would break into pieces with small tiny things someone said or did :

ü Like when you are hungry, and want food but instead I get scolded. I break down into tears at that point.

ü When I can’t say something bad or blunt, to someone who has done the worst or bad things to me. I hate myself when I am unable to express myself and be truthful to them.

ü Like when people don’t get something which I prioritize about or like. They instead are concerned only about what they are saying or want or are.

ü When being younger in the family is treated as a sign of inability, being naive and inexperienced.

ü Like when people buy whatever they want but if you ask for anything or buy anything more. They will lose their shit.

ü I hate it when I am being taunted or disliked for liking things which I stand for & love. I never say bad things about interests of yours.

ü When people who know me end up saying the things they know they shouldn’t about me or which I am not a fan of.

ü When people express what they have done to and for you.

ü When people choose someone else over you all the time.

ü When even after being the best version of yourself and a friend, you are left off.

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