Signs to know if someone Likes you

  • ·        If he treats you well even in front of his friends.

Because Trust me when I say this, boys don’t give a shit about anyone in front of their friends. Why? To show off their muscularity or they are strong and don’t need anyone.
  • ·        He is really quite when you are talking about you “boyfriends” and “boys who are your friend”.

Guys have this irritating and annoying urge to make you mad by not saying anything about your guy friends. They get so burned that they stay silent unless and until you pressurize them.
  • ·        When they keep on giving you compliments

Guys will like your every Instagram and Facebook photo but will compliment only to your face or when they are talking to you on phone. Why? Because they believe in giving compliments in person.
  • ·        When he talks about everything and everything

When boys tell you about their past, their dreams and know about yours too. And they are comfortable with you.
  • ·        They find time to talk to you even when they are busy

Getting a boy’s attention is awesome but getting him to talk to you even when he is busy is really something. Boys will only talk to you if they value you or like you.
  • ·        When they remember little details and important dates

If a guy remember things which you told him a long ago or something which thought no one ever notices. And most importantly dates like your birthday or your mom’s birthday or day they met or your dog’s birthday.
  • ·        When they love to hang out with you

When they love to go out shopping with you or to the movies or to food court. They really like you. They help you to select the best.
  • ·        When they start liking your favorites’

When a guy starts liking your taste of music, movies, cartoon, and color. They really like you. They get super excited for going out with you for your favorite movies.
  • ·        When they get sad when you are in pain

They get sad or even cry with you when you are in pain or trouble. They are always there to lend their shoulders and help you out with your troubles. They remain loyal to you. They are just one call away.
  • ·        They are always there for you even when they get into relationships

They may get into relationship but they will never leave you and always be there for you whenever you want them. THEY WILL STAY BY YOUR SIDE AND ALWAYS READY TO CHEER YOU UP AND ENJOY THE BOND NAMED FRIENDSHIP WITH YOU.

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