Why people don’t get into relationships

There are many reasons why a guy/girl doesn’t want to get into relationship. For intense,

vThey are afraid of getting to close to someone as they think they’ll lose their freedom and themselves too in order to prove the other person or impress them or to keep them happy constantly.

vThey are afraid of happiness. They think that their happiness won’t last as they live in constant fear of losing someone they love or they have been through this in their past and believe anything can happen.

vSome people are realists. They only trust in love when they see it in movies and novels. They believe love is fiction and people who fall in love are idiots and lonely people.

vSome people are scared that they will create problems in lives of someone else as they think they don’t deserve someone like them or they are not worthy of them.

vSome people are looking for their forever and they won’t settle for someone so easily. They will wait for someone who will see into their souls and know them perfectly especially the truth not the mask.

vSome just want to chase their dreams not a person. They want to establish themselves, they want to achieve everything and fulfill their goals. They live for their dreams and goals. According to them, once they are there, where they want to be, they will find someone.

Relationship is a great deal, not for those who are looking for fun and games.


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