Story of a boy named Undertaker

Yeah, it’s not his real name but I couldn’t find any better name for him than this. Why? Because for intense, Undertaker is a WWE wrestler who always dies and comes back from his death.

Well, the boy is not dying here, but he comes and goes from time to time in girl’s life. Why? Because he can’t see their happiness & he is getting bored and thinks what’s the best way to alleviate his boredom is by messing up with his ex. He is that knee pain which keeps on coming even if you try everything to eliminate it.

And the worst thing is, girls keep on giving this guy chances thinking he has realized his mistakes and knows their worth. That’s bullshit, boys like this are CANCER they will kill every hope of happiness or reality or love you are expecting from them and they will never let you fall out of love from them as they are jerks who don’t know the importance of you and are here to only have fun and play games. They will keep on coming like they are being present in your attendance sheet from time to time.

My Advice -> Block them & if you can’t do that let them in. Leave them to their situation; you live your life your own way. Talk to them but with knowing they are up to no good and expecting absolutely nothing from them. Be carefree but at the same time careful. Never ever, share your love life with them, because they are full of jealousy and selfishness.

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